Thursday, October 4, 2012


Everyone of us wants to smell good, right? Scent gave us confidence that will last all throughout the day. Thus, leading us to buy scent that will last all day long and that will smell distinctive. As for me, i have my favorite scent too. These perfumes below are just some of my favorites. I consider them as must haves. But my favorite among the 5 (i still have more but most of them are victoria's secrets and any other perfume that are not really my favorites) is chanel chance. I don't know why but it smells really good and it lasts FOREVER.

Sorry if I wasn't able to focus it. :(
FYI: Chanel chance is refillable. 
Jimmy Choo...Love this too!


  1. I haven't tried them! My favourite perfume is Love from ChloΓ©.

    1. You shoukd try them especially chanel chance. 😁😁😁