Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Today is exactly 449 days since I last posted my blog entry. I couldn’t get any happier to share with you guys the great news. Yes, I consider it great because it might be a beginning of something really important to me. I have been waiting for it since the very first day I created my blog. I couldn't help but feel envious with other bloggers and feel pity for myself. But as the old cliché goes, “You can’t have everything.” I believed, having everything you want in life is impossible. What matters really is having what you need. I repeat, NEED! I know this blog entry is vague (hahaha) I just can’t tell it to you now. So, you really wan’t to know what is it? Then watch out for my next blog entry. 

That's all for now ladies, see you in my next post. xoxo

Monday, June 10, 2013

OOTD "flowery"

Hi guys! It's been awhile.. I was quite busy fixing others life and my life too. :) Anyway, summer is over in our country, i miss it already. There's no single day that doesn't rain, it often rains here. I don't like rainy season that much. But last sunday,  It was a lovely, sunny day, and i'm happy with it so I grabbed the chance to wore this floral summery outfit that I wore to church. Fitted, body-con dress are ideal for the summer and so it was love at first sight when I spotted this dress in an online store.  The colours, the floral print and the blazer that I paired with it worked so well together and surprisingly, I have found that it matches a great selection of my wardrobe.
Although the trend may be gradually fading, I still hold a penchant for all things floral,  be it blouses, dresses or even jeans. It was quite surprising that the shoes I teamed with it is a not actually the one I wanted but luckily it suits well because i wanted to wear my floral sandal but i wasn't able to find it on that day, and i am too tired to search over. Just the same, my nude shoes goes well to any kind of outfit and  are really comfy to walk in. 
I think that the bag and accessories are a nice finishing touch to my outfit. I’m so used to carrying my LV bag around with me lately, so it was a pleasant thing to make use of this old gem. The accessories are genuine elegant looking and it added sophisticated yet girly look on my outfit for that matter.  
 Dress: Online store 
Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Celine
Accessories: all from Forever 21
Watch: Gucci
Bag: LV


That's all for today ladies! Have a good day ahead of you. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

OOTD Sunday May 12, 2013

Months ago, it’s been impossible to walk into the mall without being completely bombarded with tribal or Aztec prints. I’m not only talking about dresses but also from accessories to sweaters, shirts to tights, there is nothing that you can’t find in these prints. Tribal print dresses in the summer are a no-brainer, but I’m LOVING that this print is not just for summer but also for any other season.

Last Saturday, my bestfriend bought me an Aztec Dress at Forever 21. Wearing this kind of dress will take you a while to get a firm grasp on the proper way to style or wear it—that’s what I thought first. But I realized that when wearing a tribal or Aztec print, your look is instantly trendy. Yes, it may be instantly trendy but the question is HOW TO PULL IT OFF? If you decide to go tribal or Aztec, remember to invest in pieces that you’ll actually wear. Follow your instincts. Remember, the best outfit is confidence.  Have fun wearing this ladies! 

Dress: Forever 21
Blazer: Local Store
Shoes: Local Store
Watch: Channel
Bag: Local Store
Accessories: Forever 21

Have a great day ahead of you!



Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi guys! For the past few months I have noticed that a lot of beauty gurus have been doing this thing-- BEAUTY THINGS I SUCK AT. I don't consider myself as beauty guru but I love this idea, I figured I might as well so this too.  Basically, this trend is about beauty things that you are suck at doing. This is a prove that not all beauty gurus are excellent when it comes to it or should I say beauty gurus are not perfect. Yes, it shows how imperfect everyone is, even if you are a beauty guru. Hence, let's get this started. 

First, LIQUID EYELINERS. Arrrggggh! I have been a sucker for many years with this stuff. I've always tried my best and practice using liquid eyeliners but i'm just not good at it.Because of this, I always question the old cliche that says, " PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" because it's just not applicable to me. I  can never get the lines right. But just the same, I don't wear eyeliners that much so it's okay. 

Second, MINI-SKIRTS or SHORTS. Yes, believe it or not I am suck at it. Not because I don't like wearing minis but because I just don't like my legs. Whenever I try wearing those, I am not comfortable and I feel like I have the ugliest legs, EVER. 

Next, LIPSTICK. You might wonder why because I am pretty sure that some of you will consider putting lipstick as the simplest thing to do. However, things just don't fall at the right thing for me. Putting lipstick it one of the thing i'm not good at. I don't know but It took me a while to put lipstick. Most of the time, it doesn't fall into the right shape of my lips--just not for me. 

Lastly, CONTOURING. I guess some of you have the same problem too. As for me, I don't wear foundation or powder everyday because my skin is prone to breakouts if I do. I never mastered this.Yes, I have tried but will never good at it. Maybe, I need to try or practice more. I feel envious to those who are good at it. Two thumbs up for all of you!
That's all for today,ladies!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OOTD 05-01-2013 :)

Just a quick notice that I am back as a blogger.

I miss posting OOTDs' so here's mine. I want to achieve an amiable look this time. The dress is very comfortable to wear. I want to emphasize that you can be fashionable and remain modest given this outfit i wore. Indeed, i'm a certified Mormon Blogger. Hope you guys like it.

Have a great day ahead of you!

-Epitome of feminine allure