Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Today is exactly 449 days since I last posted my blog entry. I couldn’t get any happier to share with you guys the great news. Yes, I consider it great because it might be a beginning of something really important to me. I have been waiting for it since the very first day I created my blog. I couldn't help but feel envious with other bloggers and feel pity for myself. But as the old cliché goes, “You can’t have everything.” I believed, having everything you want in life is impossible. What matters really is having what you need. I repeat, NEED! I know this blog entry is vague (hahaha) I just can’t tell it to you now. So, you really wan’t to know what is it? Then watch out for my next blog entry. 

That's all for now ladies, see you in my next post. xoxo

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  1. Oh wow! that's good.