Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi guys! For the past few months I have noticed that a lot of beauty gurus have been doing this thing-- BEAUTY THINGS I SUCK AT. I don't consider myself as beauty guru but I love this idea, I figured I might as well so this too.  Basically, this trend is about beauty things that you are suck at doing. This is a prove that not all beauty gurus are excellent when it comes to it or should I say beauty gurus are not perfect. Yes, it shows how imperfect everyone is, even if you are a beauty guru. Hence, let's get this started. 

First, LIQUID EYELINERS. Arrrggggh! I have been a sucker for many years with this stuff. I've always tried my best and practice using liquid eyeliners but i'm just not good at it.Because of this, I always question the old cliche that says, " PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" because it's just not applicable to me. I  can never get the lines right. But just the same, I don't wear eyeliners that much so it's okay. 

Second, MINI-SKIRTS or SHORTS. Yes, believe it or not I am suck at it. Not because I don't like wearing minis but because I just don't like my legs. Whenever I try wearing those, I am not comfortable and I feel like I have the ugliest legs, EVER. 

Next, LIPSTICK. You might wonder why because I am pretty sure that some of you will consider putting lipstick as the simplest thing to do. However, things just don't fall at the right thing for me. Putting lipstick it one of the thing i'm not good at. I don't know but It took me a while to put lipstick. Most of the time, it doesn't fall into the right shape of my lips--just not for me. 

Lastly, CONTOURING. I guess some of you have the same problem too. As for me, I don't wear foundation or powder everyday because my skin is prone to breakouts if I do. I never mastered this.Yes, I have tried but will never good at it. Maybe, I need to try or practice more. I feel envious to those who are good at it. Two thumbs up for all of you!
That's all for today,ladies!



  1. oh, we always have something that we suck at dear, not only in beauty things (but also in life) hehehhe
    but it's okay, I guess everything will just fall in place with some practice!

    love lots,

  2. The things I suck at would fill up my blog so let's just leave it at that. Haha! Thanks for sharing yours though!

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

  3. Liquid eyeliner. Hay. ang hirap talaga. Im still learning. And as for contouring, hindi rin ako marunong. :))