Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Yes, it's been a while since i last post a blog. I was too busy then running errands like going to SSS, bank, agency, etc. I was just that busy! Last saturday was the busiest day i had last week. I went to SM lanang and bought a gift (only a gift) for my friend who will be celebrating her bridal shower. However, as i choose some stuffs for my friend i can't help but pick for myself too. Oh i was at forever21 then, you know how addicted i am with there stuffs. I decided to gave my friend a ring and a belt which i forgot to take a photo of it because i already wrap it when i remembered that i have too take them first to show it to you. Hahaha meanwhile, i also got ringSsss and beltSsss for my self. This time i took a photo of it. Here is also a glimpse of my outfit of that day when i went to SM lanang.

Top: local store
Colored jeans: forever21
Accessories: all from forever21
Watch: gucci
Shoes: local store
These are very inexpensive. It only cost 385 pesos. :) What a great deal! So i decided to pick them!
This belts are inexpensive too. :) Would u believe it only cost 280 pesos so without hesitation i grabbed them. 

Oh This one is just my OOTD. :) Another from Forever21.
Another OOTD wearing my Gucci Watch and Forever21 ring.


  1. You seem to pick out some great jewellery pieces, I like the thick bracelet in the 2nd pic down and also really like the neon triangular one in one of your previous posts. I know where to look to for jewellery inspiration now :))

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, forever 21 has a number of great accessories! You should really check them out! thanks again!

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Are you from Davao as well? I read in your post that you went to SM Lanang to shop for some accessories in F21! I'm an F21 fan myself. We would get along well for sure. Teeheee :)

    I FOLLOWED YOU BACK by the way :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you :) Those are some pretty sweet rings-F21 is really stepping it up aren't they?

    xo Renee

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  6. beautiful rings!