Friday, October 26, 2012


Days, indeed, flew by so fast. To be honest,  I wan't it to end fast because I am not lucky for this Month. I have a lot of heartaches and I feel like this is the worst month,ever!!!!!!! But somehow I like it because it makes me realize that it's almost December. I love December because it's my birthday month and of course it's Christmas Month. Moreover, I wan't to end this month in order for me to know the result which I am waiting for a month now. This result is a battle between who i am going to be. I won't tell you what that is but I am pretty sure it's something really essential to me. *sigh I can't wait to end everything in this month. 

Okay, enough of my drama. 

Actually, this post is all about the things that I have loved and liked using or wearing all throughout the month of October. This is my first ever "FAVORITE" post and probably not my last. So, watch out for my monthly favorite post ladies! For this month, I have nothing so much of make-ups to show you because for the whole month I think I only went outside for 2 times except every sunday. Most of these stuffs are accessories. Again, if you were able to follow my posts, most of it are Accessory Haul. I love Accessorries perhaps I will have accessories in my monthly favorites post. I would also like to inform you that I wan't to be deviant sometimes by including some stuffs which is not really beauty related. Okay so much for that! Below are my October Favorite. 

1. FOREVER 21 BRACELETS, RING, NECKLACE. As you may have known, I love accessories most specially Forever 21. These spiky bracelets are just fun to wear with. Whenever I wear them, I feel like I am the coolest chic in the city but not really. LOL

Sorry if its blurry. 
Neon Spiky Bracelets are just eye catching. :)

I know you saw me wearing this bracelet a lot. The ring brings an extra girly image and this necklace is "OMG"!

2. DIOR MAKE UP AND SALVATORE FERRAGAMO INCANTO CHARMS PERFUME. For the make-up, I used this many times for this month whenever I go out most especially when I go to Church. I don't have so much make-up collection because I don't really put make-up on my face. But when I do I just borrow to my sister. This Dior make-up is the only make-up I have to be honest. But lately, I also feel like collecting some make-up products. I don't know but there is divine intervention that pushes me to collect some. *hahaha As for the perfume, again, if you were able to follow my posts. I have posted about my favorite perfumes. I know I wasn't able to include this on my list of favorite perfume. I really forgot. Though it is not really my favorite but I love the smell of it, it's perfect for the humid season. 
They are really handy also that's why I carry them a lot for this month. 
They are really handy, I swear!  hahaha
 3. PRORANCE POLISH. This polish is not really famous in many bloggers. I haven't read any review about this because most of the polish review I've read are about OPI and Essie which I guess we don't need to review on that anymore. I am pretty sure you all have OPI and Essie polishes hence what's the point of reading a review about it? Right? *just kidding. To tell you honestly, this is one of the best polish I have. This was given by my sister from Japan. She told me that's it really Cheap but when I did my research about it I was shocked because it's not really cheap as what my sister told me. I don't know if $5 is cheap for you but for me its quite expensive. If you wan't to order one you may go check it here
I have a number of them but these 3 colors are my favorite and most used for this month.
4. MILKY WAY, HERSHEY'S AND SNICKERS. As what I have told you I want to be deviant sometimes. Some of you does not really include food/s in their monthly favorites. But I am one of the few who include food on my list. :) These are my favorites I ate them a lot this month. Among the three my most favorite is Milky Way, its caramel content makes me drool every second. Hershey's milk chocolate and snickers are my anti-depressant. arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggh!!!!!

My last piece. :( 

That's all for today, ladies! See you in my next post and have a great day ahead!!!! 



  1. Hi daisy! Oh i can never resist chocs! That dior palette looka gorgeous too x

  2. Hi Sweety, I love all your favorite things especially from forever 21, I am seriously obsessed with it and guess what, those chocolate bars are my favorite too!xo


  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  4. you have got such b'ful bracelets dear :)
    All the best for the results :)
    The Sweet Life

  5. I loooove the bracelets! ^_^

    Btw, I'm a new follower! :) You are awesome, keep it up! Looking forward for your new post and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too ^_^

  6. cool items! love the bracelets :D

  7. I love the Forever21 stuff you got! And oh, chocolates! Life saver when everything seems so bad! Haha

    And good luck with the result of whatever it is you're waiting for. Stay positive! I'm sure everything is going to be in your favor. :)

  8. Hummm every girls fav candies love it!!
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  9. Those bracelets are awesome! And candy... mmm, I can never resist it! *.*
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  11. I love that nail polish, especially the blue one. :)
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  12. Haha, keep doing random favourites, it's fun to read :)

  13. Those polishes are really pretty :)

  14. Love the products, especially the chocolates:) I am a new follower. Hope you are feeling more cheerful now. Hugs from Rome!

  15. I love the breacelets esp the spiky ones :)