Wednesday, October 24, 2012



I love her so much. She's the prettiest sister in the world! :) 

I don't know where to begin or what to begin. All I know is I am grateful to have you as my sister! While writing this message I was crying because I'm having a hard time expressing my thoughts of gratitude to you. If only I could say thank you many times but i can't because a million thanks is just not enough to say. But Still, I am thankful for you te because without you I will never be someone I am right now.

Te, you are the best SOMEONE a someone could ever wish for. Your unchanging kindness, generosity, love and happiness burst out of you for 29 years, pushing everything good into our lives. There has NEVER been even a second that I wished I didn't have you as a sister; even those trying moments when our relationship wasn't perfect, I have always been glad to call you my sister. For me, YOU ARE A PERFECT SISTER. You make me proud of you for all your strength, humor, intelligence, and grace. I could still remember when I was still in my elementary years, I always look up to you. At the back of my mind, I always said " Sana ana ko ka-gwapa kay ate! Sana ana ko ka talented! Sana ana ko ka-bright! Sana ako nalang siya! Yes, I have often been jealous of you for all your natural gifts, but I am proud of you just the same te.

In addition, I also want to apologize for using your branded make-ups, expensive dresses, shoes, bags and all your stuffs. Sometimes, I just want to be like you at least by wearing what you wear and using what you use. For now, I can't return all the things you did and gave to me. I know that you are already blessed because you got two cutest blessings in the world-- MIU and TSUBASA.

Te, always remember! Never let anybody stop you from finding happiness. Ignore what people say about you. You cannot let them get to you. Those are not jealous ones but are insecure ones who always want what you have in your life. Follow your heart and never let anybody else stop you from doing what you want. As the old cliche goes. " Nothing is impossible if you want it enough." The one who don't let you find happiness are nothing but ignorant low lives. They don't know you like I do and they will never know how wonderful you are as my sister. :)

Again, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY te! Have a good one!



P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY pud daw ingon si Pal. Dili ka niya ma greet kay dili daw siya active sa FB. LOL


  1. Happy Birtday to your sister!! You both look so pretty in that picture!!

  2. Yous are the spits of eachother!

  3. This outpouring of love is so sweet. What lucky sisters you are.

  4. Such a sweet message to your sister! Happy Birthday :)


  5. how sweet!

    Have a wonderful evening! Drop by & say hi!

  6. you are blessed to have a sister to love!!
    happy birthday to your sister!!

  7. awe how i wish i could have had a sister, such a special bond you must share. Happy birthday to your sister, may she have many more!! xo


  8. You both are pretty! Belated birthday greeting from Sweetstrings

  9. What a sweet post for your sister! How lucky to have a built in life-long friend who is also family. :)

    Happy belated birthday to your sister, I'm sure this post was one of her favorite gifts.