Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The old cliche that says "Girls spent their 10 years playing barbie, and spent another 10 years looking like barbie". (i know it's not the exact line) Yes, i can relate with this line. Maybe not in many ways but in some ways I believed and I dreamt to become one. Im sure you are too! Part of looking like a barbie are the stuffs we called "make ups". Believe it or not everyone of us can be a barbie let's just trust the power of make-up. (hahaha) With this, i would like to share with you my favorite make-ups. I've been using these for like a year now. I would like to clarify that i am not going to do some make-up tutorials because I will leave that to #dakotakoti if you know her. (lol)

Here it goes...

As of the moment,i am inlove with this dior pallettes. It has 5 color eyeshadows which are just earth color. I am using earth color eyeshadows due to the reason that it is the only safe color. When i say safe color, i mean it's the only eyeshadow that when used u will not turn out a clown. See photos below, for your reference.


  1. I'm also addicted to Chanel Chance :) Good taste of smell :)

    1. Thank you Merve! We do have thing in common and that's why i like you. :)

  2. Oh i love Dior and Chanel but they are expensive.

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