Monday, September 17, 2012


Recently, I found myself in love with Forever 21 most especially there accessories. However, there is no F21 in our city. Since there is no F21 in our place, i have to go online just to shop but sometimes I'm messed with choosing what's best and what's fit to me. Indeed, shopping is terrific if you see the stuffs in your naked eyes. Last week, my family and I went to Cebu City for a vacation. I had so much fun especially the shopping period where i was able to visit F21 outlet in Cebu City. Since it was just a vacation, that means we only have limited time. At the store, i was amazed with all the accessories and dresses that forever 21 has. I immediately get a basket and grab everything i love. After a minute my sister called me that they are waiting at the car. I was so damn disappointed. Since my family are waiting, i only purchased a few of the many stuffs i love. 😔😔😔but still i am happy with it. I've purchased these accessories and pair of top and shorts at a very cheap price, for only Php 2,189.00.  I'm a definitely F21 addict. Furthermore, during our during, I also got this Bvlgari perfume with a pouch and lotion. I've chosen this scent because i haven't tried it yet and most especially the pouch is cute. What I have realized and learned is that, when you are in a vacation you should allot an ample time for shopping only. LOL😘😘😘